Our Journey Began with a Question

The journey for UpStyled Goods & Salon began in 1992 with the formation of a family-owned company, Trotters Sewing Company (TSC). Todd and Lori Trotter, second generation owners of TSC, periodically asked each other, "Why don't we make our own products?"

That question eventually led them to form ReTexstyled, an upcycling brand using leftover fabrics and other textile supplies from TSC. Their debut for this brand was to be in 2020, but a worldwide pandemic stopped everything.

In 2022, the Trotters began again on ReTexstyled, and started looking for a place to sell ReTexstyled products. A small building in Downtown Asheboro went up for sale, and with a push from their 3 daughters, Shea, Emma and Annabeth, Todd and Lori took a leap of faith.

A local contractor was hired, & the family began planning, but their plans didn't include a salon. After learning the history of the building, however, and seeing the community come and go through the doors, the Trotters decided to split the building in half, added a new door for the salon, and UpStyled Goods & Salon was created. All the Trotter family is involved in operations, and the company's dreams for the future, and the Trotters are finally making their own products.

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