• Unique Small Business

    UpStyled Goods & Salon is a unique small business, where artistic paths merge into one. It is located in a beautifully restored historical building in Downtown Asheboro, NC.

  • Made in NC, USA

    Upstyled Goods retail & online store focuses on Made in NC/Made in USA products. It is also the home of ReTexstyled, a new NC brand that uses textile waste and leftover sewing supplies & fabrics from local manufacturing companies to create upcycled, unique products.

  • Salon & Skin Services

    UpStyled Salon is a beautiful space where amazing cosmetologists and an esthetician welcome all! Let these experienced, artistic and creative women with an eye for color and other beauty details UpStyle your hair or skin. Make an appointment with this talented team whose goal is to make you feel beautiful, no matter the age.

ReTexstyled: Sewing Green to Sow Tomorrow

ReTexstyled is an environmentally conscious brand hoping to change a community & minds one product at a time. Our team knows firsthand the enormous impact textile waste and "fast fashion" has on our world. ReTexstyled was created to repurpose textile fabrics and supplies that normally go to the landfill, and turn them into unique, handcrafted products. Our goal is to help eliminate textile waste within local communities by upcycling sewn goods.   

Our online store features unique, quality merchandise that fits any budget. We also guarantee with the purchase of a ReTexstyled product, you are preventing textile waste from going to the landfill. Shop and take a step towards sowing green with us!

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