Choose to Love the Locals

Choose to Love the Locals

The Asheboro Downtown Association designated the 11-17th of February as "Love the Locals Week." There were many businesses in Downtown Asheboro that held special deals, drinks, foods, raffles, etc. to give thanks to locals who support their small businesses.

"Loving the Locals" means many things, and featuring local is the main purpose of UpStyled Goods & Salon - to showcase people & products made locally, in Randolph County, Made in NC or Made in the USA. It is important to our family because we have seen and felt the effects that goods made in other countries has had on many US manufacturers and small businesses. 

We continue to "fight the fight" to manufacture cut and sewn goods in NC at Trotters Sewing Company. I choose the word fight because we have had many great customers choose to make their goods cheaper outside the country. Replacing that customer and cash flow is never easy. We've also watched many of our colleagues close their doors because it is extremely difficult to compete with overseas pricing.

This is why supporting local is more important than ever. It isn't easy to run a small business, and it doesn't matter what the business is! Small business owners pour themselves into growing their business and becoming profitable. The business is their "baby," as you never really leave it. You take it home with you, wake up with it and think about it before trying to sleep. Making payroll is the biggest worry that can keep me up at night. Even when a business has done well, it is still a worry because things can change in an instant, especially in the uncertain times we live in today.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), "many small businesses are self-funded. The smallest businesses (0-4 employees) are most likely to use personal savings to finance their business. Larger small businesses (5 – 500 employees) still tap into personal savings, but are more likely to rely on credit cards and local banks and credit unions to fund their operations." A small business is like having another child... You do whatever you can to keep it going, growing and thriving.

Sadly, in the past year, we have known several colleagues who chose to stop "fighting the fight." It is heartbreaking, and somewhat scary especially when your family has just opened a new small business. So how do we, as consumers, help small businesses around us?

It's kind of simple but takes a change in mindset, something that isn't easy to do.

The next time you need to purchase something, feed your family, or need help with something, instead of going to the big corporate stores or chains, choose to shop or talk with a local business owner instead. Stop at that local hardware or paint store you've driven by 1000 times, but never been inside.

They are your neighbors doing everything they can to support their local employees as well as support their families. Wouldn't it feel good knowing your purchase directly supports those in your community?

And let's be real  .... who really knows Michael Kors and whoever makes those bags overseas? Or who created the "Whopper," & "Little Debbie" snacks? And where exactly are the "fresh" fruits, veggies & flowers grown at the big chain grocery stores?

Shopping local gives you the chance to meet and talk to the artists making your bag or goods locally or the person making your hamburger at the local restaurant or your sweet treat or coffee at the local bakery or coffee shop or the local farmer providing the freshest food and flowers around.

Choose to love & support the local businesses & people around you who in turn will love you right back! 

Until next time  ... Lori




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Your blog post on supporting small businesses is fantastic! It’s inspiring and beautifully highlights the importance of uplifting local entrepreneurs. Great job!


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